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Testing syslog-ng 4.0

This syslog-ng blog does not demonstrate any new syslog-ng features or integrations. Instead of those, it is a request for testing syslog-ng 4.0 and points you at a few related blogs and resources.

syslog-ng Store Box federated single sign-on support via OpenID Connect

The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) appliance is built upon syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE). SSB inherits most of syslog-ng PE’s features and makes them available with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. There are multiple ways how users can authenticate when using SSB. Recent versions also introduced federated single sign-on (SSO) via OpenID Connect (OIDC).

Nightly syslog-ng container images

The syslog-ng team started publishing container images many years ago. For quite a while, it was a manual process, however, a few releases ago, publishing a container image became part of the release process. Recently, nightly container images have also become available, so you can test the latest features and bug fixes easily.

Type support: working with sudo logs in syslog-ng 4.0

Last week I gave you a quick introduction to a major syslog-ng 4.0 feature: type support. I mentioned that it also works nicely for JSON-formatted sudo logs. I have been asked to share a working syslog-ng configuration. From this blog, you can learn how to turn on JSON-formatted logging in sudo, and how to work with those logs in syslog-ng.


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