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Meeting compliance requirements

IT departments increasingly find themselves spending ever more resources on compliance as laws, regulations and industry standards mandate increasing security awareness and the protection of sensitive data. A secure log management solution can help meet compliance requirements. The syslog-ng Store Box provides secure, tamper-proof storage and custom reporting to demonstrate compliance.
syslog-ng helps you to comply with PCI DSS 02:01


Variety of compliance requirements

Depending on the type of organization and its location, several data protection and security regulations may apply, making compliance complicated and expensive.

Overwhelming amount of data

IT environments can generate enormous amounts of data and retaining data for compliance purposes increases storage costs.

Difficulty accessing logs

Companies with large, heterogeneous environments can find it difficult to centralize logs for compliance. Regulations and security standards require organizations to collect logs from a wide variety of devices and applications.

Poor data integrity

Log data is an essential component of any compliance regime. Missing or compromised log data due to unreliable or insecure transfer and storage will be a red flag during an audit.

Why syslog-ng?

Distributed pre-processing

syslog-ng can filter and normalize log data on clients at unparalleled speed to reduce the size and complexity of log data stored centrally. Filtering unimportant log messages that do not need to be analyzed also reduces the load on the SIEM, saving both processing power and license costs.

Tamper-proof transfer and storage

syslog-ng uses SSL/TLS encryption to transfer logs and the logstore, an encrypted, compressed and time-stamped log file. Logstore files can be compressed at a ratio of up to 10:1, saving storage costs.

Automated, granular retention policies

With syslog-ng, you can set automatic retention and deletion policies for specified log files based on multiple criteria saving resources and increasing compliance reliability.

Reliable log transfer

syslog-ng can ensure zero message loss during transport from clients to the central logserver using TCP for transmission, the Reliable Log Transfer Protocol (RLTP™) for application acknowledgment, a client-side disk buffer, and client-side failover for network outages.

Customizable reports

Using syslog-ng Store Box’s easy-to-use web-based interface, you can create customized reports to quickly demonstrate compliance.


Cost effective demonstration of compliance

Logs can be reliably and securely collected, transferred and stored in one central repository with customizable reports to demonstrate compliance.

Simpler retention and deletion

Using granular policies based on log file types and compliance requirements, retention and deletion can be achieved easily and reliably.

Lower storage costs

Highly flexible filtering to remove irrelevant logs and data compression allow for lower storage costs.

Better data integrity

Logs can be reliably and securely collected, transferred and stored in one central repository. With granular access control to log files, syslog-ng ensures log data is secure.