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syslog-ng Webcast Series 2022

In today's heterogeneous environments, you collect logs form a variety of sources and forward them to multiple destinations, which often requires special purpose agents. The need to maintain a large number of logging agents creates operational complexity and costly overhead. Updating, maintaining, configuring these agents is a time consuming activity that provides very little value.

Fortunately, syslog-ng's portfolio of log management solutions eliminates the need for other tools. Join us each month for a live 30-minute webcast to learn more about what makes syslog-ng the foundation of log management. 

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Time: 10:30 AM EST
Location: WebEx

Send your on-prem logs to popular cloud messaging services.  Syslog-ng natively allows you to filter, format, and selectively route logs as needed to destinations like Azure Event Hub and Google Pub/Sub.  In this webcast we will show you how easy it is to get the data you already collect to the cloud with minimal configuration.

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Collect logs instead of new accounts by adding single sign-on capability to Syslog-ng Store Box.  In this on-demand webcast, we show you how to enable federation through OpenID Connect using OneLogin as an example identity provider.

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In this session, One Identity will describe how collected log messages in syslog-ng can be sent to external log analysis programs by connecting directly to their REST-API endpoints using https.  Connections to both Microsoft Sentinel in the Azure cloud platform and Splunk-HEC will be demonstrated.

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In this webcast, you’ll learn how syslog-ng can connect to and retrieve logs from external databases, ingesting them as syslog messages that can be parsed, filtered, reformatted, stores and/or routed to other destinations using standard syslog-ng features.