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Secure data archive

Securely manage and archive your log data. Log data often contains sensitive information. Personally Identifiable Information (PII),user activity, transactions, and more.

The syslog-ng Store Box provides automated archiving, tamper-proof encrypted storage, granular access controls to protect log data.


Difficulty accessing logs

With logs residing in different locations or on different systems, getting to the bottom of an incident or fulfilling an audit request becomes more difficult and takes more time.

Overwhelming amount of data

IT environments can generate enormous amounts of data and retaining data for compliance purposes increases storage costs.

Security both in motion and at rest

Securing log messages held or transmitted by or on behalf on the organization.

Why syslog-ng?

Tamper-proof transfer and storage

syslog-ng uses SSL/TLS encryption to transfer logs and an encrypted, compressed and time-stamped logstore. Logstore files can be compressed at a ratio of up to 10:1, saving storage costs.

Automated, granular retention policies

With syslog-ng Store Box, you can set automatic retention and deletion policies for specified log files based on multiple criteria saving resources and increasing compliance reliability

Automated data archiving

syslog-ng Store Box provides automatic data archiving to remote servers. The data on the remote server remains accessible and searchable. The largest appliance can store up to 10 TB of raw logs.

One tool for log collection

Using a single solution for collecting logs can eliminate the problems caused by deploying several agents on log source hosts. syslog-ng is technology independent, supporting well-established transport technologies.


Simpler retention and deletion

Using granular policies, retention and deletion can be achieved easily and reliably.

Lower storage costs

Highly flexible filtering and efficient data compression allow for lower storage costs.

Better data integrity

Logs can be reliably and securely collected, transferred and stored in one central repository. With granular access control to log files, the syslog-ng Store Box ensures log data is secure.