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Installing a syslog-ng 4 development snapshot on FreeBSD

Unless there is a serious problem, FreeBSD ports usually contains the latest stable syslog-ng release. However, sometimes people want to compile a git snapshot to test a new feature or bugfix. To do that, one way is to generate a syslog-ng release tgz on FreeBSD and edit the syslog-ng port files yourself. However, this needs some practice. As such, an easier solution is to use my weekly development snapshots.

Getting data to Splunk

Getting data to Splunk can be challenging. Syslog is still the most important data source, and it can provide you with hard-to-solve problems (for example, like high volume, non-compliant messages, unreliable network protocol (UDP), and more). The syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE) and syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) by One Identity can make these challenges manageable.

Streaming deduplication in syslog-ng

Log volumes are growing 25% year over year, which means they are doubling every three years. Considering that SIEMs and other log processing tools are licensed based on volume, tools and mechanisms to make log storage and processing more efficient are very much sought for. Lean, how syslog-ng can help you.


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