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Version 4.0 of syslog-ng available

After almost 14 years, a new major version of syslog-ng is available. Type support for name-value pairs is now available and Python support received major improvements. For a complete list of changes, check the release notes:

Version 4.0.1 is already part of some of the Linux distributions, but for most of the distributions you have to use 3rd-party packages to install syslog-ng 4.0.

Debian / Ubuntu:

openSUSE / SLES / Fedora / RHEL:

FreeBSD ports are not yet updated, due to a temporary problem, but you can still compile syslog-ng 4.0 yourself:

Feeding events with syslog-ng PE to Azure Event Hub and Google Pub/Sub

The syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE) application is built on the solid foundation of syslog-ng Open Source Edition (OSE). PE inherits many of the OSE features and adds cloud-related features, among others. Our latest webinar shows you how to send log messages to Azure Event Hub and Google Pub/Sub.

syslog-ng 101: how to get started with learning syslog-ng?

How to get started with syslog-ng? There are two main resources: the syslog-ng documentation and the syslog-ng blogs. You should learn the concepts and basics from the documentation. The blogs document use cases and you can use the docs as a reference.

Compiling syslog-ng git snapshots on FreeBSD

The syslog-ng team publishes nightly syslog-ng git snapshot builds for Debian and Ubuntu. I publish weekly snapshot builds for RPM distributions. Recently, I was asked if creating git snapshot builds for FreeBSD is also possible. Yes, it is. That is how I test syslog-ng on FreeBSD. However, it needs some extra preparations.


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