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3.38.1 released, 4.0 almost feature complete

syslog-ng 4 is right around the corner. Instead of a pile of breaking changes, we choose to improve syslog-ng in an evolutionary manner: providing fine grained compatibility with older versions along the way, so that syslog-ng 4 remains a drop-in replacement for any earlier release in the past 15 years. You can test many 4.0 features already in the fresh 3.38.1 release:

syslog-ng Store Box SQL source

The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) is an appliance built on syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE). SSB inherits most of syslog-ng PE’s features and makes them available with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. One of these features is the SQL source. Many applications log their messages to SQL databases. The SQL source of syslog-ng PE and SSB allows you to collect these log messages in real-time and process and store them with the rest of your logs.

Why is my syslog-ng disk-buffer file so huge even when it is empty?

Most people expect to see how many log messages are waiting in the disk-buffer from the size of the syslog-ng disk-buffer file.. While it was mostly true for earlier syslog-ng releases, for recent syslog-ng releases (3.34+) the disk-buffer file can stay large even when it is empty. This is a side effect of a recent syslog-ng performance tuning.

Nightly syslog-ng builds for Debian and Ubuntu

The syslog-ng team made nightly builds available for Debian and Ubuntu running on the AMD64 architecture. These packages are not intended to be used in production, they are only for testing fixes and new features.


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