The syslog-ng insider 2022-04: typing; sudo; Zinc; Elastic Cloud; 3.36;

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syslog-ng 4 theme: typing

Balázs Scheidler, founder of the syslog-ng project, describes a major new syslog-ng version 4.0 feature: typing.

“syslog-ng traditionally assumes that log data, even if it comes in a structured form (like RFC5424 structured data or JSON) is primarily textual in nature. For this reason, name-value pairs in syslog-ng are text values just as the log message as a whole.”

Read the rest of the blog to learn how typing helps not just when forwarding logs to Elasticsearch and others, but also when doing routing decisions:

Working with JSON logs from sudo in syslog-ng

From this blog you will learn how to work with JSON formatted logs in syslog-ng and also about new sudo features along the way: JSON logging in sudo, chroot support, logging sub-commands, and how to work with these logs in syslog-ng.

Elasticsearch 8 and syslog-ng

General availability of Elasticsearch 8 was announced recently. There were quite a few rumors that it will break compatibility with third party tools. I tested it as soon as I had a little time: I am happy to share that anything I tested with the elasticsearch-http() destination of syslog-ng still seems to work perfectly well with the latest version of Elasticsearch.

Contacting the syslog-ng team: reporting problems, asking questions

Recently I got some complaints that it is difficult to figure out how to contact the syslog-ng team to get help or report problems. Most of this information is available both on the syslog-ng website and at the syslog-ng repository on GitHub, but collecting here all information might be still useful for some people.


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