The syslog-ng Insider 2021-06: Alerting; EoL technologies; Google Summer of Code;

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First steps of sending alerts to Discord and others from syslog-ng: http() and Apprise

A returning question I get is: “I see, that you can send alerts from syslog-ng to Slack and Telegram, but do you happen to support XYZ?” Replace XYZ with Discord and countless others. Up until recently, my regular answer has been: “Take a look at the Slack destination of syslog-ng, and based on that, you can add support for your favorite service”. Then I learned about Apprise, a notification library for Python, supporting dozens of different services. This blog is the first part of a series. It covers how to send log messages to Discord using the http() destination of syslog-ng and an initial try at using Apprise for alerting.

Changes in technologies supported by syslog-ng: Python 2, CentOS 6 & Co.

Technology is continuously evolving. There are regular changes in platforms running syslog-ng: old technologies disappear, and new technologies are introduced. While we try to provide stability and continuity to our users, we also need to adapt. Python 2 reached its end of life a year ago, CentOS 6 in November 2020. Using Java-based drivers has been problematic for many, so they were mostly replaced with native implementations. From this blog you can learn about recent changes affecting syslog-ng development and packaging.

Google Summer of Code 2021

This year, the syslog-ng team participates in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) again as a mentoring organization. Two students paid by GSoC work on syslog-ng under the mentoring of syslog-ng developers. One of the students works on MacOS support, including the new ARM-based systems, while the other one is working developing on a new regular expression parser:


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