The syslog-ng insider 2021-05: 3.32; Fortigate; Windows event collector; FreeBSD; Pi;

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syslog-ng 3.32 is now available

Highlights include multi-threaded connection pooling to MongoDB servers and template support for its collection() option. OpenBSD support is now fixed. For a complete list of changes, check the release notes at:

Parsing Fortigate logs and other syslog-ng 3.31 news

Version 3.31 of syslog-ng has been released recently. One of its most user-visible features is the parser for Fortigate logs, yet another networking vendor that produces log messages not conforming to syslog specifications. Parsing Fortigate logs builds upon the new no-header flag of syslog-ng combined with the key-value and date parsers. Other features include a new silent message option for the Telegram destination and automatic directory creation for disk-buffer files.

Collecting Windows EventLog without installing extra software on Windows

Talking to users at both IT security and operations related conferences, they confessed the same: the less software the better. Less software to learn, maintain and follow in bug trackers. The Windows Event Collector (WEC) component of syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE) brings this to the extremes: it enables Windows machines to act as log sources without installing any software. Just enable the WEC component of syslog-ng PE on your Linux server and enjoy the logs flowing in. From this blog you can learn how to set up a test environment for WEC. I will also show you an easier way to prepare the certificates used, help you avoid some of the failures, and point you to alternative ways, where necessary.

syslog-ng on the FreeBSD wiki

My original blog about getting started with syslog-ng on FreeBSD became outdated. The content was updated and extended a bit, and with some help from the FreeBSD community, it is now available on the FreeBSD wiki at

Syslog-ng & Pi day

We had March 14th recently, or as many geeks refer to it: Pi day. On this occasion, I would like to show you a syslog-ng configuration, which prints a huge π on the screen, and two recent articles that feature syslog-ng on the Raspberry Pi.


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