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Version 4.5.0 of syslog-ng is now available with OpenObserve JSON API support

Recently, syslog-ng 4.5.0 was released with many new features. These include sending logs to OpenObserve using its JSON API, support for Google Pub/Sub, a new macro describing message transport mechanisms like RFC 3164 + TCP, an SSL option to ignore validity periods, and many more. You can find a full list of new features and bug fixes in the release notes at: In this blog, you can find some pointers on how to install the very latest syslog-ng version and learn how you can configure syslog-ng to use the OpenObserve JSON API.

Syslog-ng PE can now send logs to Google BigQuery

Version 7.0.34 of syslog-ng PE can now send logs to Google BigQuery destinations. You can learn more about how it works from the syslog-ng PE documentation:

Syslog-ng can now do a full configuration check

One of the most frequent syslog-ng feature requests is now resolved. Welcome the --check-startup option, allowing you to check the syntax and also spot spelling mistakes!

How build services make life easier for upstream developers

Many Linux distributions provide build services under various names: openSUSE Build Service (OBS), Fedora Copr, and so on. These resources are indispensable for upstream developers, and also for their users. I will demonstrate this through some examples from the syslog-ng project. Note: this blog is loosely based on a talk idea I had for the FOSDEM Distributions Devroom. There is no deep technical information about syslog-ng in this blog. This is more like a history of syslog-ng packaging, and how the fantastic tools by openSUSE and Fedora made it a lot easier and made me an active part of these communities.


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