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The syslog-ng MongoDB destination receives bulk operations support

The MongoDB destination of syslog-ng will receive another performance update. Starting with the upcoming version 4.3, it will support bulk operations. Depending on the configuration settings, this may result in a more than 300% performance increase.

Syslog-ng 4.2: extra UDP performance

No matter how awkward you feel when you hear about UDP syslog in the age of encrypted TCP connections, UDP syslog is here to stay in some special cases. The scalability issues of UDP log collection were first addressed in syslog-ng Open Source Edition (OSE) (the so-reuseport() parameter), and later a more advanced solution arrived to syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE) (the udp-balancer() source). The good news is that a new, open-source implementation is now available as part of syslog-ng 4.2.0.

What I learned about syslog-ng performance using sngbench

A few weeks ago, I posted about sngbench, a shell script to measure syslog-ng performance. The performance of syslog-ng is influenced by many factors, including the hardware and OS it runs on, and syslog-ng itself. This blog summarizes some of my findings using the script.


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