We are ending this unusually hot June (at least here at our headquarter in Budapest) with a new syslog-ng PE release. As we said when moving over to a rolling release model, we will be delivering new features with every release, and 7.0.3 is no exception. Let’s see what’s new!

Reading Net-SNMP traps

Using the snmptrap() source, you can read and parse the SNMP traps of the Net-SNMP’s snmptrapd application. syslog-ng PE can read these traps from a log file, and extract their content into name-value pairs, making it easy to forward them as a structured log message (for example, in JSON format). For details, see Section 6.8, snmptrap: Read Net-SNMP traps in the syslog-ng Premium Edition 7 Administrator Guide.


Kerberos authentication

syslog-ng PE 7.0.3 supports Kerberos authentication when writing to an HDFS destination, and has a couple new template functions to easily separate the path and filenames. We increased the default message size value to 64k, so that syslog-ng PE will not truncate long log messages, which are getting increasingly common.

The recently introduced monitoring source also got more useful with new metrics. For details, see Section 16.1, Metrics and counters of syslog-ng PE in the administrator guide.

As usual, you can find all relevant documentation on this page, and download the latest release here.

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