Syslog-ng is now available in Homebrew

Installing syslog-ng on Mac is easy, if you use Homebrew for 3rd party packages. Previously, you had to install dependencies and then compile syslog-ng from source. Now, a single command takes care of everything:

brew install syslog-ng


Syslog-ng has been part of Homebrew for many years, starting with syslog-ng 3.0 over twelve years ago: However, it was removed when one of the mandatory dependencies of syslog-ng could not be compiled on MacOS. Version 3.38.1 became part of Homebrew right before Christmas (what a nice present :-) ), and was quickly updated to 4.0.1. Homebrew is better than most major Linux distributions in this aspect including the new major version of syslog-ng!

Practical info

The syslog-ng formula in Homebrew enables most of the optional features of syslog-ng. You can find the full list of dependencies at Be prepared for a few extra megabytes and for a few strange looking package names.

The syslog-ng documentation is not yet updated to version 4.0. The NEWS file on GitHub contains lots of useful information about changes in version 4.0:

Native log collection on Mac is not (yet) part of syslog-ng. By default, syslog-ng reads the log files as saved by syslogd on the system. However, almost all other features work, except for SNMP and Java.


If you have questions or comments related to syslog-ng, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email or even chat with us. For a list of possibilities, check our GitHub page under the “Community” section at On Twitter, I am available as @PCzanik, on Mastodon as

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